The library is the scientific and information center of the State University of Infrastructure and Technologies.

The main task of the library of the University is to provide the educational process with textbooks, educational and methodological literature, scholarly and periodicals of all branches of knowledge.

The University Library has nearly 380,000 volumes of educational, teaching, and methodological, normative, informational, and artistic literature. The library every day serves more than four thousand readers, the service is three reading rooms for 130 seats.

Searching for materials is carried out by alphabetical and systematic catalogs. Numerous card catalogs are available, the main ones are:

  • index of methodical literature;
  • index of educational literature;
  • alphabetical index card of scientific works of SUIT employees;
  • index card of abstracts and dissertations;
  • periodicals;
  • systematic files of articles from periodicals.

The library has a sufficient number of textbooks, including Ukrainian textbooks and teaching aids published after 2000.

The library’s reading rooms are computerized and connected to the Internet.

Today, it is very important for the library to provide access to national and world information resources without any problems. New possibilities in satisfying the needs of users are offered by free access to the Internet.

Information about the work of the library and the possibility of remote access to information retrieval services provide its own Website of the library.

The site contains interesting and useful information, which is constantly updated.

One of the most important resources of the website of the library is the electronic library, which contains methodological, educational, and methodical publications, lecture notes, laboratory, and practical assignments, as well as textbooks and teaching aids authored by university professors. This resource enables the student after registration and authorization on the site to work with teaching materials and textbooks at any convenient time for him, comfortably and quickly get the most complete information in electronic form.

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