University strategy

University strategy

The mission of the university

Providing the education is necessary for successful professional fulfillment, enriching the worldview in combination with harmonious personal growth in order to promote the development of society.

University policy

The University is an open integral community of teachers, scientists, students, graduates, staff, people of different cultures and different backgrounds, a community that creates and disseminates knowledge in technical, social, humanitarian and natural fields, forms a highly educated, nationally conscious, honest, creative personality, able to act on the principles of justice and humanism in order to develop a sovereign, democratic and legal state as an integral part of the European and world community.

The legitimacy of the University staff is confirmed by the presence of licensing documents provided by the legislation of Ukraine for the training of experts according to curricula of relevant fields of study.

The main strategic goal of the University staff is the modernization, improvement and development of educational, scientific, educational activities in accordance with today’s requirements, standardized by national legislation, providing training of highly qualified specialists, best adapted to practical tasks in the fields of transport, transport infrastructure, management, technology and their legal regulation.

Harmoniously developing educational services according to curricula in specialties of transport, cultural-artistic, social-behavioural, jurisprudential, administrative, statistical-mathematical, information-technological, natural, transport-technological branches, the University performs educational and scientific activity according to world and national standards to develop highly educated professionals in accordance with the needs of society.

The University strengthens its independence, realizes its responsibility, along with the responsibility of the state, for preserving intellectual and human potential, for the relevance and public demand for the results of its activities, provides effective leadership and competence at all levels, makes a significant contribution to social development through research and generating of new knowledge.

The University is focused on international cooperation, strives for the highest world achievements in the field of transport and transport infrastructure, participates in international programs and projects, develops relationship with educational establishments, various institutions around the world, scientists and professionals from all continents.

The management of the University is the leader of the team in the field of quality and is committed to take all necessary measures to maintain and constant improve of the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and other state quality standards of education.

The educational activities of the University are implemented by a set of educational services that meet the requirements of international and national educational and sectoral regulations and continuous improvement of the quality of educational services through effective feedback from students, graduates, companies and other stakeholders.

Policy implementation is ensured by:

  • purposeful, effective, productive work of each employee at all stages of the educational process;
  • correspondence of the level of training with the requirements of consumers;
  • continuous improvement, updating of the content and nomenclature of services taking into account the development of education, science and changes in the labour market;
  • introduction of effective functioning of the quality management system and its constant improvement;
  • ensuring a policy of support, promotion and encouragement of quality leaders – teachers, managers, teaching and support staff;
  • constant study of the demand for specialists in the labour market, the requirements of employers and partners, assessing the level of their satisfaction to improve the activities of the University.

Within the current quality management system, the policy is implemented through:

  • understanding of the policy by each employee of the University;
  • bringing the University’s quality policy to the attention of consumers / customers;
  • application of a systematic approach to the services provided;
  • conscientious accomplishment of the requirements of regulatory documents of the quality management system and continuous monitoring of performance;
  • introduction of innovations into the educational process that contribute to improving the quality of education;
  • timely detection and prevention of any deviations from state standards;
  • clear division of responsibilities and power of employees;
  • maintaining the appropriate level of qualification of all employees of the University;
  • reduction of risks associated with the providing of services that do not meet the proposed requirements of the consumer and entail damage to the reputation of the University and the loss of the market.

The University management is committed to a consistent implementation of quality policy to achieve the goals set for the University.

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