The HELLO Project

The HELLO Project

The University of Plymouth (Great Britain) invites SUIT students to participate in “The HELLO Project“, which aims to connect Plymouth University students with friendly students from foreign partner universities.

Students can learn about the peculiarities of life in Plymouth and study at the university and share their own experience of education and life in Ukraine.

“The HELLO Project” is aimed at:

  • establishment of communication links for discussion of common interesting topics both in the field of education and personal interests;
  • checking the level of English language proficiency and improving it through communication with native speakers;
  • expansion of intercultural ties and diversification of cultural knowledge about the world;
  • getting out of the “comfort zone” and increasing confidence and communication skills;
  • challenging cultural stereotypes for both groups of students, etc.

Most importantly, “The HELLO Project” gives you the opportunity to make new friends!

For students of SUIT education, meetings can be held using zoom, google meet, etc. platforms. Those wishing to join “The HELLO Project” should contact the Department of International Relations and Work with Foreign Students by e-mail – [email protected]

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