Educational process procedures

Educational process procedures

The educational process procedures are provided in accordance with the Guidelines for the educational process procedures at the State University of Infrastructure and Technologies.

The educational process procedures involve:

  • autonomy of the University in making own decisions on the educational process procedures, determining the modes of study and forms and methods of teaching;
  • keeping to traditions and applying innovations in the education;
  • efficient use of human capacities, supply, financial and other resources;
  • providing quality education according to all educational programs;
  • academic mobility of higher education seekers and research and teaching staff;
  • functioning of the internal system of quality assurance of educational activities;
  • gaining trust between the University and students, employers and institutions of higher education in Ukraine and abroad.

State University of Infrastructure and Technologies provides two modes of study:

  • Full-time
  • Part – time

Full-time education is the main off-job mode of obtaining education and / or qualification. According to the legislation, full-time students have the right to benefits for travelling by public transport, accommodation in a campus, deferment of military service, etc.

Part-time education combines full-time education during short finals periods and self-study according to the educational program between finals periods. Off-campus is a work-study mode and allows simultaneous study for another qualification. Off-campus education is carried out taking into account the benefits provided by current legislation for persons who combine work with study.

Modes of study can be combined.

The educational process at the State University of Infrastructure and Technology includes:

  • academic studies;
  • self-study;
  • work placement;
  • summative assessment.

The main forms of academic studies are:

  • lecture;
  • laboratory, practical, seminar, individual studies;
  • tutorial instruction.

Handling competence is achieved by the students of SUIT during laboratory classes, practical and by their work placement at enterprises, institutions and organizations in accordance with the agreements concluded by higher educational institutions or its structural units that provide practical training.

The student work placement is carried out according to the law.

The educational process is planned according to the pre-arranged schedules.

The academic year duration is 12 months (52 weeks), except for final year students. The academic year is divided into 2 terms (even and odd) according to the curriculum. 36-40 study weeks are planned in the academic year (4 to 6 weeks are finals periods).

Academic studies are held in shifts.

The educational process in SUIT is carried out on a three-shift basis.

The duration of finals periods and review sessions for part-time first- and second-year students is 30, and for senior year students – 40 calendar days per year.

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