SUIT expands cooperation with UK

SUIT expands cooperation with UK

June 15, 2022, the SUIT team took part in an online meeting with representatives of the University of Plymouth (Plymouth, Great Britain).

The meeting took place within the framework of the Twinning program, which aims to establish cooperation between Ukrainian higher education institutions and British universities. The university was represented by Rector’s Assistant Oleksandr Soboviy, Vice-Rector for International Relations and Postgraduate Education Olena Kostenko, Dean of the Faculty of Operation of Technical Systems for Water Transport Oleksii Somin and Head of the Department of International Relations and Foreign Students Yulia Kalashnyk.

The meeting was moderated by Cormack Consultancy Group’s project manager Fhill Gray.

The purpose of the meeting was to personalize the assistance from the partner free economic zone, which is aimed at supporting, restoring and developing the Ukrainian university during the war and in the long run, forming strategic partnerships and alliances for joint work and internationalization.

During the meeting Olena Kostenko presented our University, also discussed the scientific and educational potential of both universities and discussed prospects for future cooperation, including academic mobility of scientists and students and the development of scientific cooperation and joint grant projects.

“The State University of Infrastructure and Technology continue its work and is ready to provide quality educational services even in wartime. We do not ask foreign partners for financial assistance, we want to work with British universities as full partners in order to develop our institutions and generate joint profits, create conditions for financial independence. We want students to have access to educational programs and courses at British universities while studying at SUIT” – said Olena Kostenko.

We are sincerely grateful for the support of Ukrainian higher education and our Ukraine. We hope for further cooperation and great results in partnership!

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