Trust box

Trust box

Anyone who cares about the fate of the university (student, entrant, employee, guest) can provide information important to ensure the proper functioning and improvement of the SUIT.

You can send your reports about problems at the university, possible corruption or corruption-related offenses. All messages, including anonymous ones, will be carefully studied and processed. The university administration guarantees complete confidentiality.

The message can be submitted:

No attribution (anonymous)

An anonymous violation report must be reviewed within fifteen days of receipt. If it is not possible to verify the information contained in the notification within the specified period, the period for consideration of the notification shall be extended to thirty days from the date of its receipt.

Indicating authorship

The notice is subject to verification within no more than thirty days from the date of its receipt, based on the results of the review, the whistleblower is given a written response.

In any case, we guarantee that the text of the letter will be available only to employees of the department responsible for the trust box.

* Email address is required for feedback if additional information is required or for a response

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